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With the approval of 31 more products, the Bolsonaro government reaches 197 pesticides in 2019

Fripronil, the bee killer, enters with 2 more products in the Brazilian market

Contrary to what Minister Tereza Cristina claimed in relation to what would be the illegal use of Fipronil by Brazilian farmers, Act No. 34 brings the approval of more pesticides based on this active ingredient, totaling 3 pesticides approved since she took over the Agriculture portfolio.

The increase in the abundance of products containing Fipronil should have an even greater impact on the bee population. Fipronil has been directly linked to the extermination of hundreds of millions of bees. In Rio Grande do Sul alone, Fipronil was responsible for at least 80% of the mortality of entire bee hives. 

With the expansion of use and the lack of supervision, it is more likely that there will be an even greater increase in the extermination of bees. In addition to Fipronil, there was also the approval of two pesticides based on Imadacloprid, a Neonicotinoid pesticide, which has also been associated with the so-called “collapse” of bees. Another neonicotinoid approved in this wave was Thiamethoxam which, unlike Imadacloprid, is banned in the European Union.

It should also be remembered that Fipronil is banned for use in the European Union and can only be used under highly restricted conditions in the USA. In addition, Fipronil became known, and later banned, because of the scandal involving the contamination of millions of chicken eggs that had to be collected in countries such as Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Denmark.

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