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After a positive diagnosis, it is necessary to provide the animal with solutions capable of helping it to reverse the situation of ketosis, and the use of Butafosfan-based medicines, highly absorbed Organic Phosphorus, associated with Vitamin B12 is highly recommended. Studies show that the use of this solution was able to directly influence the decrease in blood ketone bodies (BHB) levels, contributing to the resolution of the disease.

Studies prove that Butafosfan associated with Vitamin B12, in addition to reducing BHB levels through the regulation of gluconeogenesis and elevation of insulin levels, is responsible for increasing energy efficiency, reducing stress, increasing milk production and reproductive rates. . Commercial formulations based on these actives have a concentration of 10% of Butafosfan and 0.005% of Vitamin B12, with a minimum dose of 20 ml intramuscularly being indicated, soon after the detection of the disease, followed by 5 new applications with intervals of 5 days. . The use of this solution 15 and 7 days before calving, at the same dose mentioned above, followed by a reapplication on the day of calving as well, is highly desirable in order to prevent the occurrence of this disease in the herd.

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